Rosa International Middle School 
The Rosa Jazz Band is comprised of the 
"traditional" instrumentation for a jazz band - 

Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxes, 
Trumpets, Trombones, 
Drums, Piano, Guitar (no tabs) and Bass

Since the instrumentation is limited, this group consists of only 25 - 30 members (at the discretion of the director) and is selected by audition only (click here for audition requirements). Unless you play the piano or guitar, you MUST be a member of one of the bands in order to participate in jazz band.

Auditions are open to any student in grades 6 - 8 who plays the aforementioned instruments. Music and audition requirements will be handed out in September and anyone interested will have 1 - 2 weeks to prepare for the audition. Auditions are held during the school day and outside judges will assess the performance.

Once the group is selected, rehearsals will take place after school on Mondays, from 3 - 4:20. Anyone planning to be a part of this group MUST be able to attend ALL after school rehearsals, as this is our only time to rehearse and prepare for performances. If you have a conflict with Mondays, you will not be permitted to participate.

Audition Requirements:


Play selected scales
Play a pre-selected prepared piece
Sight Read


Play selected jazz rhythms
Play a pre-selected prepared piece
Show off your style of drumming
Sight Read


Play selected scales
Play a pre-selected prepared piece
Play a song of your choice
Sight Read

* Do not use tabs


The jazz band is one of the busiest performing groups in the school. They not only perform at various school-wide events, but they also go into the community and perform. 

Examples of performances include:

Winter and Spring Concerts*

The Cherry Hill Jazz Showcase*

Fifth Grade Information Nights*

(*required performances)

Philadelphia Peformances

The Bancroft School

Elementary School Tours in June

Hershey Music Festival

Spirit Week

I.B. Visits

Members of this group enjoy performing and take full advantage of any opportunities to showcase their talent.