Rosa International Middle School Music Program
Rosa International Middle School
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Jazz Band Audition Information:
(scroll down to bottom for music)

Jazz Band auditions take place September 18 and 19 during the school day. You must be registered to audition - CLICK HERE to REGISTER.  A list of audition times and dates will be posted the week before auditions. You MUST audition at your scheduled time. There will be no make up times.

Music will be handed out on Friday, September 6th (and can be found below). You will have 2 weeks to prepare your audition. Everything on the audition sheets must be prepared for the audition. Mrs. Mark can not help in any way - but if you study privately or want to seek help from anyone else, it is permissable.

Piano/Guitarists/Drummers will prepare an extra piece to show off your "style." It can be anything from classical to rock. No longer than one minute. We want to hear what you can do with something you are comfortable playing. 

If you are accepted, the first rehearsal takes place after school on Monday, September 23rd. All jazz band members must commit to staying after school every Monday. No sports teams or other clubs can take precident. We meet only one day each week and we need everyone to be available.

The registration form has all important dates that jazz band members must have clear on their calendars.  Please be sure you can attend all performances.

Audition music:

Alto Sax/Tenor Sax/Bari Sax
Guitar (NO TABS)
Drum Set (must be able to read and play set music)